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Miniature dog. Big love.
Everything you need to know
about Pepper’s story…[so far].

Where It All Started

I’m a  pedigree smooth haired black and tan miniature dachshund born in Kent, UK on September 2nd 2016.

Although I’m miniature by name, I sure ain’t miniature by nature… I have a big bark and I rule this place!

I’m not yet 1 and I’ve mastered the art of the best floppy ears and adorable puppy eyes.. so I get anything I want.

When my pawrents gave me a bath when they first got me, this was when I realised I was destined to be a celebrity. I mean, look how good my puppy eyes are in the video!

Where I Am Now

I live in sunny Sussex, UK, right by the beach. 

When I’m not sleeping… or eating… you can find me strutting along the beach.

I love to travel… really hanging out the window of the car is one of the best bits! 

What I Love…

  • Walkies
  • Fooooooooooood
  • Bath Time
  • Family
  • Hanging Out The Window in The Car!
  • Toys [destroying them]


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Instagram is where my story really began back in September 2016. I shared my journey with over 20,000 people in my first 6 months. That was all thanks to YOU!

I love making new friends and fans!

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Puppy love,

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