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Born in Ashford, Kent on September 2nd 2016, Pepper now lives in sunny West Sussex with her Pawrents, Chris and Charlie.
What started out as a cute family album, soon became something bigger as everyone wanted to watch cute little Pepper grow!

Instagram was Pepper’s first account, hitting 20k followers within a matter of weeks, closely followed by her Facebook account. All images are taken and edited by Chris using his Google phone.

Pepper’s social media is used to show her story, from pupdates with furriends, to new toys or treats she likes as well as any trips.



top visitor countries


USA — 27%
UK — 13%
Brazil — 9%
Australia — 4%
Canada — 3%

4.5k  Profile Visits Per Week
600k Impressions
100k  Unique Accounts Reached
55k  Video Views 
6k  Post Likes
35k  Video Views (FB)
30k  Post Engagement (FB)

*Average numbers from Pepper’s Instagram account, unless specified as other social media



500   New Followers Per Week
100     Likes Per Week (FB)

*Figures are on average as some weeks followers can far exceed this.

 31%   Aged 18-24
40%   Aged 25-34
77%   Women

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social media followers

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